V-Type Rubber Dock Fender

In recent years, various rubber dock fenders on piers or berthing have become popular because it’s one of the best ways to prevent huge damage to properties. One of the most frequently used is the V-Type rubber dock fender, the Arch Fender. The v-type rubber dock fender’s design is rugged, and its shape is comparable to the letter “V,” which adds even more to its durability and resistance against tearing or wearing.

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Application type

The application of these rubber dock fenders is diverse, ranging from harbors and terminals to marinas and yacht clubs. Commercial vessels they are commonly used to absorb the impact of tidal movements or other external forces; while in recreational settings they can be used for mooring boats or providing protection against wave action. In some cases, such as drydocking operations, v type rubber dock fenders may also be employed to separate different sections of a ship from each other. 

Aside from their practical applications, v type rubber dock fenders have become increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation.

V-Type Vs. Other Dock Fenders

When it comes to protecting vessels from damage caused by the harsh movement of the sea, dock fenders are an essential marine accessory. Various fender types are available on the market today, with one of the most popular being the V-type. This fender offers superior protection and numerous benefits over other dock fendering options. One significant benefit is that V-type fendering has excellent absorbency due to its ‘V-shaped walls, which deflect impacts away from the vessel’s hull. This reduces the stress on the boat and its anchor points when in contact with a quay wall or other rigid structures.

V-shape also allows for easy installation; they can be quickly suspended between two anchors without requiring special tools or equipment. V-type fendering can be installed in various configurations, including single, double, triangular and square. Their flexibility makes them suitable for many different types of vessels and applications.

Installation and Maintenance

To choose the right v-type dock fender, you must consider both the size and type of your vessel and the docking conditions. This way, you’ll be sure to select the fender that will provide the best protection.

  1. Before installing the fender, it’s crucial to clean and prepare the surface where it will be mounted. Ensure it is free from any unwanted elements such as debris, rust, and other hindrances.
  2. Using a level to ensure precision, mark the location where the fender will be placed. This will guarantee that the fender is installed straight.
  3. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, drill holes in the marked location.
  4. After drilling the holes, insert anchor bolts and tighten them firmly to provide a stable base for the fender.
  5. Center the v-type dock fender onto the anchor bolts and secure it with nuts and washers.
  6. Before finalizing the installation, test the stability of the fender and make any necessary adjustments.
  7. If necessary, repeat the process for any additional fenders.
  8. Regular inspection of the fenders is vital to maintain their good condition and ensure they continue to provide effective protection for your vessel. Make any necessary repairs or adjustments promptly.

Inspect your v-type rubber dock fender regularly. Look out for tears or abrasions on the surface that may cause further damage if left untreated. Also, check if any signs of worn areas or excessive wear could affect its performance over time. If you notice any damage, replace the damaged section immediately with a new one of identical size and shape.

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 Features of V-Type Rubber Dock Fender

  1. Sturdy and has a rugged design
  2. Low maintenance and very easy to install/relocate
  3. Can handle any extreme weather condition
  4. Excellent tear and wear resistance
  5. Made from high-grade raw materials
  6. High resistance against corrosive


Investing in V type rubber dock fenders is one of the most important investments a business can make. These dock fenders provide superior protection for vessels, docks, and ports by absorbing impact energy during berthing operations. The combination of buoyancy and elasticity makes them uniquely designed to reduce damage and costly repairs. In addition to being resilient and dependable, they are also easy to install and maintain. They can be adjusted to fit different sizes of vessels with ease.

For businesses that rely on marine transport, investing in V type rubber dock fenders isn’t just an option – it’s essential for success. Not only do these dock fenders protect from potential damages due to collisions or other types of impacts, but their long-term durability means businesses can count on reliable performance for years without needing replacement or costly maintenance.

Actual Product

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