Rubber Suction Cup

Product Description

rubber suction capA rubber suction cup or vacuum cup is often used in workshops as a gripping tool on various products such as glass, metal sheets, plywood, hard bricks, and other fragile materials. For example, in a glass workshop, the workers should be required to use suction cups because mishandling those window glasses/mirrors might cause an accident. If we have something to hang on the wall, like a frame or decoration, a suction cup is the best alternative to a nail that causes a permanent hole in the wall. Instead, we use a rubber suction cup which is perfect for attaching to any wall as long as it uses the proper pressure, it will stick correctly.

Our suction cups are made from high-grade raw materials that allow excellent gripping for quick and easy load transfer. Our rubber suction cups are not only for industrial, residential, or commercial use. We can make any suction cup that suits your industry if you provide all the requirements we need. Most of all, it is FDA-approved which is very safe to use, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Tips on How to Use it

  • To attach a rubber suction cup, wet the area with water or another liquid before pressing it into place. This will help create a stronger seal.
  • To remove a suction cup, gently pull on it while twisting it back and forth. If the suction cup is difficult to remove, you can try using a blunt object, such as a butter knife, to help pry it off.

To know more about the rubber suction cup and other customized rubber products. Kindly contact our sales team.

How Do Rubber Suction Cups Work?

A rubber suction cup is a tool that uses vacuum pressure to adhere to non-porous surfaces. They are commonly used to hold objects in place or to hang decorations. The suction cup consists of two parts: the body and the plunger. The body is made of rubber or plastic and has a hole in the center. The plunger is also rubber or plastic and fits snugly inside the body. If it’s pushed down, it creates a vacuum inside the body, which causes the suction cup to adhere to the surface.

Plastic or Rubber Suction Cup

Regarding suction cups, there are two main types: plastic and rubber. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each kind of suction cup. Plastic suction cups are generally less expensive than rubber suction cups. They’re also more durable and less likely to tear. However, they don’t provide as strong of a grip as rubber suction cups. Rubber suction cups are more expensive than plastic, but they grip better. They’re also easier to remove from surfaces, which makes them ideal for glass and mirrors.

Some Drawbacks of Using Suction Cups

While rubber suction cups have many benefits, they also have some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is that they can be difficult to remove from surfaces. If you are not careful when removing them, you can easily damage the surface or leave behind a sticky residue. Additionally, if the temperature is too cold, the suction cup may not work as well or may not stick at all. Finally, if you are using a suction cup on a very smooth surface, it may not stay in place as well as it would on a rougher surface.

Application type

Commercial, Residential, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries, and Industrial Applications

Features of Rubber Suction Cup

  1. Excellent abrasion resistance
  2. It has good chemical resistance
  3. Excellent resistance to heat and low temperature
  4. It has a smooth texture to maximize gripping
  5. FDA Approved
  6. Different mounting solutions
  7. Outstanding gripping on smooth surfaces

Actual Product

Dimensions may vary depending on the specifications

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