Rubber Stair Nosing

Rubber stair nosing is placed on the stairs to make them more durable and extend their years of service. It is mandatory to install in public places such as hospitals, educational facilities, shopping malls, and other commercial establishments to prevent slippage or accidents. Stair nosing provides a beautiful aesthetics finish when paired with stairs regardless of the material used, such as metal, alloy, or rubber. Walking up and down is significantly simpler than nosing since there is a broader surface area to foot on. The most exposed sections of the stairs are 100% protected by the stair nosing from damage and wear. This can also give more traction in many commercial places, where rubber and ribbed aluminum nosing are more effective for slips and falls.

We recommend the rubber stair nosing because it has an anti-slip feature and high corrosion resistance, unlike metal or alloy. Rubber-type nosing is much cheaper and more durable because we use high-grade compound materials such as EPDM, natural and synthetic rubber, known for its resiliency. We want the safety of your customers or co-workers while protecting your investment, so we continue to improve the products we are making, including stair nosing.

How did rubber stair nosing start?

The first rubber stair nosing was created in 1845 by Goodyear. It was made of vulcanized rubber, which is a process that uses heat and sulfur to make the rubber stronger and more durable. Other companies later improved upon the Goodyear process, and by the early 1900s, rubber stair nosing was being used in residential and commercial settings.

While early rubber stair nosing was black, it is available in various colors to match any décor. It is also available in different textures, such as smooth or ridged, and can be custom-cut to fit any staircase. Rubber stair nosing is typically installed on the front edge of each step to provide a non-slip surface and help protect the stairs from wear and tear.

Features of Stair Nosing

  1. Anti-slip surface; has good traction.
  2. Has exceptional resistance to corrosion
  3. Has an outstanding resistance to tear and wear
  4. Cost-effective than an alloy or metal nosing
  5. Multiple mounting solutions
  6. Made from high-grade compound materials
  7. Has good resistance to a low and high-temperature environment
  8. Cost-effective than metal or alloy
  9. Low maintenance; easy to install

Rubber and Metal Stair Nosing

When choosing stair nosing, there are two main options: rubber and metal. Both have pros and cons, so weighing them before deciding is essential.

  • Rubber stair nosing is less expensive than metal and can be easily installed. It’s also slip-resistant and provides good traction. However, rubber is not as durable as metal and can yellow over time.
  • Metal stair nosing is more expensive than rubber but will last longer. It’s also more difficult to install, but once it’s in place, it won’t need to be replaced as often. Metal stair nosing can also create a noisy environment, so rubber might be the way to go if you’re looking for a silent option.


Regarding rubber stair nosings, maintenance is key to keeping them looking and functioning their best. Here are some tips on how to maintain your rubber stair nosings:

  1. Regularly sweep or vacuum the area around the stair nosing to remove any dirt, grit, or debris that could potentially damage the rubber.
  2. You can clean the rubber with a mild soap and water solution if the rubber looks dull or dry. Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaners as they can break down the rubber material.
  3. Inspect the rubber regularly for any cracks, rips, or tears. If any damage is found, replace the nosing immediately.

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