Rubber Dock Fender

rubber dock fenderThe rubber dock fender is a rubber bumper made explicitly for maximum protection of the ports, loading areas, trucks, and vessels. Strong sea currents are no joke, as they can push large ships into the harbor and cause severe damage. Depending on their intended use, dock fenders come in various shapes and sizes. There are round fenders, which are used for general purpose protection, and V-shaped fenders, which are designed for more specific applications. Fenders can also be custom-made to fit the particular dimensions of a dock or vessel. 

The most common type of dock fender is the rubber dock fender. Rubber is an ideal material for this application because it is flexible and can absorb impact reasonably well. This is a metal dock fender that is made from heavy-duty steel. It is designed to provide added protection for the dock and its dock lines when it comes into contact with other vessels. 

Many types of dock fenders are available in the market, and our team is ready to help provide recommendations for your specification. RK Rubber Cebu supplies and manufactures various rubber products throughout the Visayas Region. We use high-grade rubber materials.


ls to produce durable and reliable rubber to help small or large projects such as dock fenders.

Types of dock fenders

There are many types of dock fenders on the market, and each has its specific purpose.

  1. Rubber dock fenders are the most common type and are made from durable rubber that can absorb a lot of impacts. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be attached to docks in several ways.
  2. Foam dock fenders are another common type made from high-density foam that can absorb shocks and protect vessels from damage. They’re also lightweight and easy to install, making them a popular choice for many docks.
  3. Pneumatic dock fenders are made from heavy-duty rubber and inflate with air to provide extra cushioning between vessels and ports. They are usually quite heavy but have the advantage of being made from durable rubber that can absorb much impact. They’re also very easy to install and inflate, making them a popular choice for many docks.

How a dock fender works

The fender consists of a rubber or foam tube attached to the dock and the boat. When a wave hits, the fender moves with it, dissipating its energy before reaching the ship. This prevents damage to both the boat and the dock. Some fenders are designed to protect against the impact of waves and boat movement on both sides, and others are only meant to protect against one another. The latter type may not be as effective, especially for larger boats.

Compound Materials

Rubber fender compounds are materials used in the manufacturing of rubber fenders. The two most common types of rubber fender compounds are neoprene and EPDM. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber made from petrochemicals, while EPDM is an ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer.

Neoprene and EPDM have excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, oil, and chemical attack. However, neoprene is more resistant to abrasion and tearing than EPDM. EPDM is more resistant to UV radiation than neoprene. The choice of a rubber fender compound depends on the application. For example, if a rubber fender is subjected to severe abrasion or UV radiation, EPDM should be used.

Dock Fender Installation

Installing dock fenders is an important part of protecting your boat from damage. Fenders can be installed on the dock or boat and should be placed so that they will contact the other vessel when the boats are pulled together. If installing them on a pier, ensure they are level and have enough room for the ship to move freely. If you are installing them on a boat, make sure they are securely fastened and not in the way of moving parts. Also, ensure that the fenders are long enough to prevent water from entering the boat. If you have a T-top, make sure there is room for it to fit under the fender.

Features of Rubber Dock Fender

  1. Excellent energy absorption with a deficient reaction force
  2. Strong resistance against corrosion, tear, shear, and wear
  3. Can work under high and low temperature
  4. Easy to install and maintenance-free
  5. Due to its geometric design, it becomes more durable that can last long.
  6. Can absorb high energy impact from different directions
  7. Note: All features may vary depending on what type of dock fender.

Actual Product

Dimensions may vary depending on the specifications

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