Rubber Coupling

Product Description

Rubber coupling is widely used in manufacturing or industrial applications due to its vital role in transmitting intense power between two interconnected parts of the machine. The coupling provides an allowance for the two connected rotational parts of the machine in case of misalignment. It also protects the motor and the other part of the machine by eliminating the shocks and vibrations. They are also relatively easy to install and replace, making them a popular choice for machinery that needs to be able to operate at high speeds.

Using high-quality rubber couplings will save a lot of time on production and reduce maintenance costs. If we compare it to metal-type couplings, it is more elastic, durable, has high chemical resistance, and have a longer life expectancy. 

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A rubber coupling is a fitting that connects two pieces of pipe. Couplings come in various sizes and styles, but all are used to join pipes together. Rubber couplings are easy to install and require no special tools or training.

1. Begin by measuring the outside diameter of the two pipes you will connect with the coupling. It is essential to get an accurate measurement to purchase the correct size coupling.

2. Once you have the correct size coupling, slide it over one of the pipes until it is in the right position.

3. Next, take some pipe-joining compound and spread it around the inside edge of the coupling. This will help to create a watertight seal.

4. Now slide the other piece of pipe into the coupling until it is snug against the first pipe. Make sure you use the correct size coupling for the two pipes you are joining together. If the sizes do not match correctly, the pipe will not fit perfectly into the coupling and leak.

5. Finally, take a rubber mallet and gently tap the pipes together to ensure they are correctly seated.

What to Choose Metal or Rubber?

When connecting two pieces of pipe, two main types of couplings are used: metal and rubber. Each has its benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before deciding.

Metal couplings are typically made of steel or brass, and they offer a strong, durable connection. They’re also less likely to leak than rubber couplings since they create a tighter seal. On the downside, metal couplings can be more expensive than rubber ones and are not as easy to install.

Rubber couplings are less expensive than metal ones and easier to install, but they’re not as durable or leak-proof. The choice between metal and rubber couplings also depends on the type of pipe they’re connecting and the type of water. Since metal couplings have a tighter seal than rubber ones, so they work better with pipes with high water pressure, such as those in commercial buildings. On the other hand, rubber couplings are better for pipes with low water pressure, such as those in residential buildings. Metal couplings aren’t recommended for copper pipes, as they can cause corrosion and damage to the line.

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Application type

Industrial Applications, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, and Automotive

Features of Rubber Coupling

  1. Heavy duty; can handle high transmitting power.
  2. High resistance against extreme heat
  3. Very flexible and great for absorbing misalignment
  4. Made from high-grade compound materials
  5. It eliminates vibration and shocks when transmitting power and protects other parts of the machine.
  6. Provides smooth operations than metal-type couplings
  7. Cost-effective
  8. Exceptional corrosive resistance

Actual Product

Dimensions may vary depending on the specifications

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