Rubber Corner Guard

Rubber corner guard is a product used for protecting walls, corners, and surfaces from potential damage caused by impact or abrasion. It is a specialized material made of rubber, plastic or metal. This type of safety equipment aims to reduce the risk of injury in public areas such as schools, hospitals, and businesses.

Using these guards helps protect property against costly repair bills by absorbing the shock associated with impacts so that more serious damage does not occur. Corner guards are typically installed where there may be regular foot traffic to prevent scrapes, scratches, and chips on walls and furniture. They also ensure that buildings conform to health and safety regulations.

Types of Rubber Corner Guards

Rubber corner guards are essential components of any building and industrial structure. These protective guards help to protect the corners of walls and other surfaces from damage while also adding an aesthetic touch that can upgrade the look of any space. Depending on their purpose, various rubber corner guards are available on the market.

  1. Heavy-duty rubber corner guards offer maximum protection against impact damage and wear and tear due to frequent human contact or heavy traffic in the area. They feature a resilient 5/8-inch thick wall construction with molded ribs that provide superior strength and durability.
  2. Light-duty rubber corner guards are ideal for areas with low traffic, such as offices or homes; they typically have a 1/4-inch construction with smooth edges for added safety.
  3. Decorative corner guards are a great way to add style and color to an otherwise dull area. These corner guards are available in a variety of styles, including simple and elegant or colorful and playful.

Common industries where rubber corner guards are used

Rubber corner guards have become increasingly popular in various industries and locations. They are used to protect from damage caused by collisions with corners, walls, and other hard surfaces. Commonly found in industrial settings, rubber corner guards protect workers and equipment from potential hazards caused by sharp edges and rough surfaces. In addition to industrial applications, rubber corner guards can also be seen in parking lots and other outdoor spaces where vehicles frequently traverse areas with sharp edges. By using these protective devices around the perimeter of a parking lot or loading dock area, businesses can prevent costly damage to their property caused by errant vehicles or careless drivers. Rubber corner guards can also be found on the exterior of buildings as an effective way to prevent further damage if a vehicle were to lose control or crash into the building’s facade.

Installation Process

Rubber corner guards are essential to any home, school, or business. Installing rubber corner guards is a relatively straightforward process that can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Measure the walls where the corners need protecting and use these measurements to determine the number of rubber corner guards needed for installation.
  2. Clean the wall surfaces and ensure all dust is removed before beginning installation.
  3. Apply adhesive tape on the back of each guard and line up with the desired placements on the wall. Finally, press down firmly on each guard to ensure it is securely attached to the wall and left undisturbed for twelve hours to have time to adhere properly. With these simple steps followed correctly and carefully, anyone can easily install their rubber corner guards quickly and safely!

Advantages of Rubber Corner Guards

Rubber corner guards are an effective and affordable way to increase safety and protect walls and other structures. From warehouses, industrial settings, or even the home, rubber corner guards provide reliable protection from everyday wear and tear in high-traffic areas. With various sizes and colors available, these protective pieces make it easy to find one best suited for any environment. Aside from being an effective solution for protecting walls and structures, there are many benefits associated with using rubber corner guards. Not only do they help reduce noise levels due to their sound-dampening properties, but they also provide extra traction underfoot which is great for environments where wet conditions may be present. Rubber corner guards are highly durable and ideal for high-traffic areas and areas prone to moisture buildup or weather elements such as snow or rain.

Features of Corner Guard

  1. Easy to install and maintenance-free
  2. Ultra-durable and can absorb high energy force.
  3. Very flexible
  4. It has different mounting solutions
  5. Made from high-grade compound materials
  6. High resistance against fluid and corrosion
  7. It can absorb a decent amount of vibration

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